Monday, March 17, 2014

The best fuzzy friend EVAH

My fuzzy buddy Mojo traveled over the Rainbow Bridge last night. I think he's Thor's dog now. Just as Thor had a mighty hammer, Mojo had a mighty paw. And an uncanny ability to discern fresh new sheetrock from the old crappy stuff. (Remember puppy, the insulation belongs on the INSIDE of the wall!)

I sprung Mo from the a local county shelter a little over 10 yrs ago. I thought I was getting a more sedate 6 yr old. Instead, I took home a stinky mop of an excited 2 yr old. In our first full day of being together, he managed to try to hang himself, and then led me on a merry chase through Kuser Farm Park and into the adjacent neighborhood where he was captured. (Later that day, I got a call from the groomer who said that he was proving "difficult".)

Mojo LOVED his walks where he would woof at his vassals and pee upon his lands (while his loyal servant trailed along and manned the poopy bags.) He also liked to make friends on his walks. Usually the biggest, most muscular dogs sporting very thick, sharp choker collars.

His physical ailments, though numerous, were definitely outnumbered by his personality traits. Have fun in Asgard buddy. I know there are bunnies and squirrels to chase, unlimited goodies from the grill, no more pills and needles with meals and your very own couch to sleep on.


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